We are a swinging married couple and we love going to swinger´s parties and fetish clubs. We host South London Swingers parties.
We and a group of swingers hire places to invite our friends and others to make new friends party and have fun. Are parties are private and held in a private house

We provide a friendly clean, and high quality top class, comfortable environment for all our party guests. This makes our venue extremely popular with those just beginning to explore their boundaries and take that first step towards trying new things
South London Swingers is a non commercial, non-profit party.

Please read the Rules & Faqs


What kind of people attend your events? The swinging lifestyle attracts people from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. While it is difficult to generalise, the people who attend our parties are relaxed, uninhibited, friendly, sexy, fun-loving people. Guests must be over 18, race, background etc. at any of our parties.

DRINKS: We do not charge FOR SOFT DRINKS. You may Bring Your own Alcohol. If you arrive intoxicated or we suspect you are drunk or high on illegal substance, we have the right to refuse entry. No drinks in the playrooms(water is ok)


Drink in moderation, or responsible drinking. Its your responsibility to not drink and drive. Bar staff will assist patrons in their decision to drink in moderation

MOBILE PHONE ETC: No Camera mobile phones or recording devices. You can get them put in our safe. Anyone using any of the above could be asked to leave.

Do not bring valuable items to Pure. All liability remains with you if you do, Management and the house property owner will not be held responsible for any loss or damage regarding your possessions.

NO DRUGS zero tolerance or any other illegal substances including poppers will result person/persons asked to leave and might be reported to the police. You will be banned from attending any parties.

Dress Code: Ladies: Dress daring if you like, chic & sexy, Lingerie, Sexy Dress and Fantasy Wear Gents: PLEASE dress to impress and be well groomed. REMEMBER. THE MANAGEMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY AND WILL NOT ALLOW ENTRY TO ANYONE WHO HAS NOT MADE AN EFFORT!

Parking! Where do we park? Venue is on a main road which has a single red line, there are plenty of side roads so you may have a short walk to the house so ladies that are wearing high heels and we hope thats most of you, bring some flat shoes/ trainers so that you save your feet then slip your heels back on when you get here. Make sure you park legally as the local council will ticket or tow your car, you have been warned!!! You may find one or two spaces on our drive but only if you are first.

We promote Safe sex. We will not be responsible for any diseases caught due to non protected intercourse or any other forms of sexual contact.

We do not provide any type of paid sex/escorts/prostitutes at the parties, so please do not ask

To gain entry. Guys please do not ´ticket woman´ to gain entry, they are easy to spot. One cannot just show up at the door and gain access to the party with a temporary partner. Please email or phone.

TO ATTEND VENUE YOU MUST BE OVER 18+ AND (if you look lusciously young and deplorably youthful), ID MAY BE REQUIRED. Bring your driving licence or other form of ID, in case.

Loss or Injury. South London Swingers shall not be held responsible or Liable for Damages of any kind Including, Without Limitation for: Losses, Damages, Theft, Breakages, Injuries, STD's.

I/We are not a member of the press or working independently with the press.

I/We confirm that we are aware what the term swinging means, and that we will not be shocked or offended by public nudity, or by any sex acts that we may observe between consenting adults.

I/We confirm that we are not a member of the press, and that I will not write, or talk about, what I have seen or heard at the party to any third person, who does, or who may work for or report to the press. I understand that should I do so, I may be sued for damages by the party organizers or by any or all of the people who were at the party I understand that I am not allowed to bring any cameras mobile phone or recording devices of any sort into the party.

I/We understand that if we are found using any type of recording device for sound or visual images I authorize the hosts to destroy the recordings and/or film.

I/We understand that this is a Drug free party and we do not allow this at the House.

Question: Is sex guaranteed at the parties?
Answer: We never guarantee sex between anyone at our events as what occurs is strictly consensual. You need to talk to people, Let couples get comfortable before you approach them and if they say No it means NO. Admission DOES NOT guarantee that you will have sex, but only that you will be admitted to the club. No one owes you anything and you shouldn't expect anything from anyone.

Question:How many couples,single Ladies will attend,and are they greedy and up for fun?
Answer: We can not guarantee how many couples or single ladies turn up, Some couples and single Ladies are all looking for fun. We do get first timers and Hard players too

Question: What's the average age of the people?

Answer:Our oldest members are in their sixties and our youngest are nineteen so it spans the whole range. On an average evening the majority is very mixed. Please note that people under the age of 19 will not be admitted under any circumstances

Question: Can I get my money back if I do not have sex?
Answer: No we do not refund money, If want guaranteed sex then go to a Gang bang party or see a prostitute. Remember this is a swinger´s party.

Important Note to all Guests

My parties are swingers parties and strictly invite only you cannot attend without a written emailed invite. Unlike many similar parties there are no paid girls attending all female guests come along because they genuinely enjoy our style of party.

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